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We are we ?

Hekel et Jekel, caricaturist and silhouettist since 1993. Graduates of a large drawing school, refined by years of experience. We have drawn more heads than you will be able to cross in your life. drawing Passionate, discover our magic pencil shot!

We are based in the beautiful city of Lyon but we went all over France.

Cartoon and silhouette animations are perfect for any type of event, whether you are a professional or a private individual: a lounge, a seminar, a company party, an inauguration, a Christmas tree ..Caricatures animations and / or silhouettes are made for you, your company and your guests. Likewise if you are particular what better to agayera wedding, a birthday, a party, a family reunion …? A funny animation where everyone will laugh together or speechless in front of a caricature or silhouette.

We also have other animations more customizable, do not hesitate to discover our work.

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The caricature, the silhouette and the digital



invités tenant sa caricature en souriant

A caricature in 5 minutes !!

For more than 15 years, we have been active in all types of professional events (conventions, seminars, general meetings, congresses, open days, shows, corporate parties …) or private parties, weddings, anniversaries.

In less than 5 min, we realize a funny cartoon type drawing closer to the portrait « Walt Disney » than satirical caricature. (Production between 12 and 15 cartoons of the hour on A3 quality glossy paper)
In a warm and friendly atmosphere, each person who wishes will leave with his personalized gift.
For teams or couples, make yourself draw several on the same sheet
Guaranteed success and guaranteed ambience!

For any kind of information do not hesitate to call us!

  • Ps 1: We work alone or with two cartoonists, but we can offer up to 5 caricaturists with the same level of achievement.
  • Ps 2: Personalize your caricature paper with your logo or with a humorous drawing or with the date of your evening
  • Ps 3: For a memorable evening, or with a lot of people, screen the cartoons being made, a live show on your screens!


silhouettiste, gros plan silhouette d'enfant.

A silhouette in 3 minutes !!

As for the caricature, we take part in all kinds of professional events (conventions, seminars, general meetings, congresses, open days, shows, corporate parties …) or private parties, weddings, anniversaries.

In less than 3-4 min, we cut your profile. This is then glued on a white paper support of size A6. The contrast is created, the result is a precious gift, not bulky and very decorative in addition to the effect of surprise caused by the realization.

The silhouette is a realistic representation of the profile, there is no exaggeration. Your guests leave with their gift.

Pour tout type de renseignements n’hésitez pas à nous appeler !

  • Ps 1: We work alone or with two silhouettists, but we can offer you up to 5 silhouettists with the same level of achievement. You can also combined silhouette and caricature.
  • Ps 2: Customize your paper with your logo or with the date of your evening


caricaturiste sur tablette ipad

Caricature on tablet.

We produce digital cartoons for you: We work directly with a tablet and a stylus.

In less than 5 min, we realize a digital caricature, the rendering is different from a paper drawing but the quality is the same!

  • Ps 1: We work alone or with two cartoonists, but we can offer up to 5 caricaturists with the same level of achievement.
  • Ps 2: Watch the realization of the caricature live on a screen designed for this purpose: The magic of connected technology!
  • Ps 3: Your guests can receive their caricature directly on their email and share it instantly on the networks! or we can print it directly!

A personalized gift for your guests who take it with them!

The caricature and the silhouette.

Caricaturist and silhouette animations are perfect for any type of event, whether you are professional or private: You organize a salon, a seminar, a company party, an inauguration, a Christmas tree .. for your company, animations caricatures and / or silhouettes are made for you and your guests. Likewise, if you are particular, what better way to celebrate a wedding, a birthday, a party, a family reunion … a fun and funny animation or everyone will meet and meet to laugh together or be speechless face of a caricature or a silhouette.

How not to be impressed by the cartoonist, armed with his pencil and his leaves, who will crunched in a few minutes the faces of your colleagues, customers, friends or family. The pencil lays the line on the sheet and leaves little by little the face of the person seated in front of the caricaturist. Scarcely a few lines sketched that the smiles point to the faces of the people around! With our experience, we guarantee with caricature unforgettable moments that will mark your event forever.

The silhouettist is armed with his scissors and with incredible dexterity and finesse, cut the profile of the person in the black paper for an equally impressive result. The fast and precise cutting of the silhouette will leave your guests speechless. Appreciate the thunder of applause when it is finally glued, after the last stroke of scissors, on the white paper causing a strong contrast that will reveal it.

Our animations in detail

Caricaturist and Silhouettist Intervention:

Looking for a caricaturist in the Rhône Alpes region, we are based in the Rhone and more precisely in Lyon. We travel very easily!
But we also intervene in Isère and more particularly we come as a cartoonist in Grenoble. We also go to Savoie for services Silhouette or caricaturist in Chambéry, Aix les bains …
The Drôme also: Valence and its surroundings!
We are very much in demand in Paris for caricatures and / or silhouette.
We work as a caricaturist and silhouettist in Switzerland, Geneva, Lauzanne or Montreux.

In short, we move or you want to ensure a quality caricaturist and silhouetting performance!


Our happy customers

Nous avons fait venir ces 2 caricaturistes pour tirer le portrait sur tablettes numériques de chacun des participants à notre Congrès ; le résultat est unanime : ces professionnels font un travail moderne de très grande qualité tout en mettant une très bonne ambiance qui ne nuit pas au déroulement du Congrès. Nous les recommandons chaudement !

Frédéric BERARD, company

Hekel et Jekel ont animé notre séminaire d’entreprise la semaine dernière.
Ils ont su apporter une touche de convivialité grâce à leur bonne humeur communicative.
À deux, ils sont parvenus à « croquer » fidèlement les nombreux participants dans le temps restreint de pause que nous avions!
Certaines des œuvres ornent d’ailleurs déjà les murs 🙂

Charlotte C., company



  • caricaturiste pusignan

caricaturiste pusignan

octobre 1st, 2020|0 Comments

Animation caricaturiste pour la mairie de Pusignan à la salle de l'Odyssée 69330 Pusignan Pour le repas du maire et de ses administrés, la mairie de Pusignan a choisi la salle de l'Odyssée situé 3 [...]

Hermes Marseille Deux silhouettistes pour noël

janvier 31st, 2020|0 Comments     Pour leurs fêtes de fin d'année la magnifique maison HERMES à de nouveau fait appel à nos silhouettistes Hekel & Jekel pour animer les magasins pendant le période des fêtes de noël. [...]

animation caricature digital sur salon EUREXPO

mars 11th, 2019|0 Comments

Pour le salon INDUSTRIES des technologies et des équipements de production qui se tenait du 5 au 8 Mars 2019 à Eurexpo Lyon . Hekel et Jekel ont été engagé pour réaliser des caricatures bienveillantes [...]

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The original and personalized gift !

Our animations in detail

The caricature gift:

Looking for an original and personalized gift? The caricature is what you need: We draw the person’s face and you can add a personalized scenery.

You choose the person (s) to draw, we caricature them. If you wish, we can add a set that will make a nod to the people who appear on the drawing. We can realize all your fantasies, ideas, dreams …

Do not hesitate to send us your ideas and to call us so that we can see together the elements necessary for the drawing which will remain unforgettable for the person who will receive it.

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