Animation Caricature/portrait, plus proche du portrait sympathique que de la caricature satirique Tout types d'événements soirée d'entreprise, salon, inauguration, anniversaire, mariages etc.. Une animation réussie inattendue et originale qui ravit petits et grands ! Soit en dessin traditionnel sur feuilles ou en innovant sur tablette avec stylet et impressions des dessins couleurs et envoi par mail! Dessin réalisé avec brio en 4 min, c'est la magie du coup de crayon et du savoir faire depuis 1993 ! Personnalisation des feuilles de qualité extra blanc 250 GR avec logo couleur et phrase du jour

We are here to serve you

Professional in events management for 20 years, we put at your service our talent as a cartoonist for your important events.

We have worked with a multitude of companies of all types and we master the stakes of these evenings. The animation caricature brings a plus, strengthens the ties of the participants by making them spend an unforgettable moment of laughter and sharing.

We work in all types of events: corporate evening, meeting, work session, seminar …

The quality of our drawings, the resemblance of the faces cause your teams, customers a good mood certain. Everyone leaves with his personalized gift. With one stone, two blow the effect of surprise and fun on the moment will recur when people will show their drawing at home!

We offer companies the customization of caricature sheets with their logo, or the name of the event or message they want to convey.

We assure a certain attendance to your events and according to the size, the number of participant, we can come either alone or several. You can even combine different animations. For example a cartoonist and a silhouettist.

The smooth running of your evening is our main priority and we take pleasure in giving the best of ourselves for a quality caricature performance.


Why are we the best?

Make your event an unforgettable moment with cartoon animation.

Professional for 20 years, we offer you the best quality caricature drawing. Watch our portfolio!

Customizing the caricature sheets so that our animation fits perfectly into your business.

Jeune fille tenant sa caricature.

Professional  caricaturists

We are not there by passion, it is our job. A graduate of the Emile Cohl drawing school, we have been practicing drawings for many years and have accomplished countless event nights of all kinds.

Découverte de la caricature, réaction hilarante!

One or more artists.

Depending on the scale of your events, we can come alone or with several caricaturists of the same level. Knowing that making a caricature takes less than 5 minutes, we realize 10-12 of an hour. According to your will we adapt.

Papier caricature personnalisé.

Personalized caricature paper.

To ensure that our caricature performance fits perfectly with your party and the « colors » of your company, we offer you the customization of our caricature sheets with your logo or the message you want to convey.

Autres artistes

Vous avez besoin d'autres artistes événementiels?

Nous pouvons nous occuper de toutes la gestion artistique de votre événement : si vous avez besoin d'un magicien, d'un sculpteur sur ballon, ou autres, nous nous faisons un plaisir de vous proposer nos autres artistes.
Autres artistes

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